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Category - Leisure

Sunrise in San Pedro overlooking the Los Angeles Harbor

This week my husband and I have been getting up early to go jogging together before he leaves for work. The most rewarding thing other than getting to spend quality time together is to see sunrises like this.
A beautiful morning overlooking San Pedro and the Port of Los Angeles. 60 degrees at 6am; thank you California weather.

Christmas Tree Shopping & Spontaneous Hike at Friendship Park

We bought a small 5′ tree this year and were able to fit it into our Camry trunk! It was so easy! AND for the first time since we’ve had Oliver, we went on a spur of the moment hike. (Instead of an hour of prep time, only to realize it was feeding or nap time…and give up, or go with a fussy baby).
We happened to be next to Friendship Park between San Pedro and RPV and had an awesome hike as well as a nap for Oliver in his Ergo! So rejuvenating…crisp fresh air for tired parents. 🙂

A Winter Walk Along the Palos Verdes Cliffs

Enjoying a nice day of California Winter!
We parked at Terranea Resort and went off their path to the public trail along the cliffs, a breathtaking day.


Cabin Clean Up in Running Springs

We spent a nice but allergy filled one night at our remodeled cabin this thanksgiving weekend. I enjoyed the sunrise from our living room, by the fire with my hot chocolate in an awesome 70’s mug, while my dad played with my son on the rug. I found 3 of this type of mug, so awesome!

We were there to clean up after the remodel. There is construction dust and rat poop everywhere and it was an allergy nightmare, but the beauty of the area makes up for it.

We have a family of deer who live around the house that we admired; such an amazing respite so close to Los Angeles.

The Beautiful Carmel by the Sea

We were treated to a great vacation this week by my in-laws. We had a wonderful time of shopping and eating! And some baby breaks too.
Amazing Hot Chocolate from Pastries and Petals.
We love everything they bake there. Some of the things we ate included a Brie and Apricot Panini, Ham, Spinach and Tomato Quiche, Raspberry Scones, Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich with Chocolate Fudge filling…the list goes on.

My husband carrying Oliver; we got good use out of his yoda hat in the cold, windy weather.

One of the many cute cottages; every fence and gate is different.

Bathing Oliver in the sink; he loves his bath time.

A Resting Buddha Sculpture in the Secret Garden. One of our favorite places to browse; just as good for spending an afternoon is the Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore connected in front of the Secret Garden.

The Drive Home to Socal: A smoky sunset with a plume over the ocean