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My Personalized Stationery on Minted

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.hello yellow personalized stationery

Available in 3 colorways and other die cut shapes.
hello yellow (in turquoise) personalized stationery

Happenings in my creative life

Hello to whoever reads this. I’ve been MIA lately. Oliver is growing up fast!

Here is a little of what I’ve been up to. I had two holiday designs chosen for the minted holiday collection this year and one holiday party invitation; they’re now up for sale.

Herbs and Vegetable Wreath

herbs and vegetable wreath now available at minted

assembled set of herbs and vegetable wreath now available at minted

Joyful Watercolor

Joyful Watercolor now available at minted

Skinnywrap label and Liner of Joyful Watercolor now availabale at minted

Candy Cane Watercolor Stripes Invite

Candy Cane Watercolor Stripes Party Invite now available at minted

Skinnywrap label and Liner for Candy Cane Watercolor Stripes now available at minted

Also available in shades of blue for Hanukkah parties!

Blue Hanukkah version of Candy Cane Watercolor stripes available at minted

for sale on zazzle

I’ve also had a number of designs featured on zazzle’s selections of holiday cards.





And one of my personal favorites

Joy Red Art Deco Holiday Greeting Card
Joy Red Art Deco Holiday Greeting Card by beckynimoy

Check out my my zazzle store for more holiday cards, invitations and more.
Browse more Holiday Cards at Zazzle

Hand Lettered Art Print – “First Edition” by Jennifer Wick for

Jennifer Wick is an amazing designer! Her lettering is always inspiring…top of the line! Please go check out her work on

"First Edition" by Jennifer Wick for

“First Edition” by Jennifer Wick for

A Woodland Wedding Inspiration Board

Annie Clark’s design “Big Sur” is the inspiration for this wedding style board.

woodland wedding by Becky Nimoy, see more Minted

woodland wedding board by Becky Nimoy. See more Minted

Minted + West Elm Art Challenge

Here are my favorite submissions for the most recent art challenge featured in style boards using west elm furniture and decor.
Taking out my gouache paints was very therapeutic!

This one is called Lipstick Memories

This one is called Planetary

This one is called Square Warm Tones

Here is a direct link to its counterpart Square Cool Tones

And here is one of my photographs: This one is called White Ermine Moth

Links to all of the pieces that I entered for this challenge:

more photos and one pencil sketch:

If you would be so kind please head over and vote for my entries! Thanks so much!

Hand Lettering Practice this Weekend

This weekend I got to spend time practicing some lettering and refining some designs in photoshop and illustrator.
I started out working on”happy birthday” because it was our friends birthday friday. I wasn’t able to complete it in time for his party however, so you can see what I made below instead.


After I made my happy birthday sketch in pen I scanned it in and used my Wacom Cintiq in photoshop and made edits and touch-ups with the brush tool.  First with a red brush on a new layer to show where I wanted to change my scrolls and flourishes, then refined switching between a black and white brush.


Here is the final happy birthday lettering.

For our friend tim’s birthday card I used an idea I had for a beer tasting party invitation and ended up turning it into the birthday card.


For the birthday card I created the elements in illustrator based on the sketch and ended up reworking it into the final composition. (With the help of my husband). Thanks honey. 

The final card is printed on watercolor paper. I laid it out in the lower right corner of an 8.5 x 11 page so that i could trim and fold it properly. 

April 2nd: I share my birthday with

I received an email yesterday and was thrilled to see that Minted Affiliates recognized my birthday! They even had all of these interesting facts about April 2nd such as, “It is the day the first motion picture theater opened in LA (1902).”


I was wondering how they could do this for everyone and even include a fact about the city that they live in…but it turns out it is’s birthday today as well. This year they turn 5.


Happy Birthday to and myself! I turn the big 3-0.


You can receive a great discount by clicking the image below!


My Art Submission Won A Special Prize from

My piece, “Construction” based on my photograph, won the Edgy Photography Special Award.

Check out their blog post here on Julep to see the other winners. Thanks Minted!

Free Textures – High Resolution Photos

Free textures for personal and commercial use! (Files are not for redistribution)
Click here to download the zip file. Please enjoy!
More to come!

It’s Election Day 2012! Don’t forget to Vote!

A sketch I did today; I hope this gives all those who haven’t voted yet a little inspiration.