Hello it’s been a long time! Second baby later and over a year writing for¬†Baby Bullet blog I am back because of this new opportunity to share an amazing new feature for my favorite shopping site, AMAZON!


Amazon features an amazing new category of Handmade Items, many which are made to order! It’s like adding Etsy to amazon’s service that you have already come to know and trust. This really inspired me to write a post because I LOVE AMAZON already and want to support this handmade movement.


It’s so easy since I automatically go to Amazon for just about everything; now I can find all of these unique one of a kind items at the same time! (Instead of ordering something cheaply made in china).


Amazon requires that all products be made entirely by hand, hand-altered, or hand assembled by companies with 20 or fewer employees or collectives with less than 100 people.


I am an Amazon.com affiliate and below are some of my favorite¬†Handmade items curated by me. If you’re inspired by what you see please use those links.


Or just go check it out yourself and support all of these amazing artisans!



Salvaged Walnut Slab Coffee Table
by Oat Foundry



This is an exquisite made to order salvaged walnut slab coffee table, with two live edges. But it doesn’t just have to be a coffee table, when placing your order you have a choice of table length and leg height giving you the option of ordering a salvaged walnut dining table! Now if I could only afford it!

From the craftsman: Made by hand from salvaged Pennsylvania Black Walnut. We hand pick the wood slab, cut it to size, plane it, sand it, and add bow ties to keep the table strong. The hairpin legs are made from welded steel, capable of supporting several hundred pounds.



Here is a bold patterned quilt that will brighten up and warm up the coming dark winter days.

Baby Girl Quilt Modern Big Block Whimsy by Carlene Westberg Designs

I have two boys so I don’t often indulge in admiring the cute girly things; but this year we became aunt and uncle to the first baby girl in the family. Now I can buy things for her!





“Planty” Art Print by Leah Duncan



Update your home with a trendy yet affordable art print!

One of my favorite colors is mustard yellow, but it looks terrible on my skin tone; so I am always ecstatic when I see home decor and art that incorporate that ochre color!



Bedding and Pillows are a little addiction of mine.


Wildflower Organic Cotton Sateen Pillow Sham
by Whitney Elizabeth


Wildflower Organic Cotton Sateen Pillow Sham
I love the vintage hippie vibe of this fabric.


The palette could go with almost any color bedding or add a pop of color to your monotone decor with coral, pink, periwinkle and yellow. The artist says it was inspired by an old wildflower book she came across in Rye, England. Remember it is sold as 1 sham, so order two for a set!

Banded Pillow in Stone/Chalk
by Fig and Bella

This hand dyed pillow was lovingly made in their Hudson Valley Studio and very “in” at the moment.



This pillow can look great in both traditional and modern decor; Slate blue fades to white on this cotton linen blend.



Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set
by Old World Kitchen


Too beautiful not to feature, but completely out of my budget. They do sell individual pieces that would make exquisite wedding gifts!


LOEWY | tribal necklace by Diamonds are Evil




This statement breastplate necklace is made of sustainable birch wood and can be worn by teens and mature ladies alike. It appeals to this thirty something, but most of the time I still feel like I’m in high school…until I remember that I’m a mother of two. It reminds me of a sci-fi or fantasy princess necklace, however, it is called “tribal” by the designer.


Please ENJOY!