Hello to anyone who reads my blog! I’m feeling a little stressed about not having time to post anything since before the holidays! I have this sense of failure that I don’t post regularly, even after having tons of recipes and photos prepared for this very scenario. It doesn’t help when you don’t turn on your computer for over a month. I really only have time to check email/facebook for a few minutes at a time on my husbands’ laptop. The rest is spent being a full time mom!
Of course I got sick after all of the back to back parties and get-togethers and am still not quite over it. Also as our baby grows and becomes more mobile much more of my undivided physical attention is needed and I go back and forth between feeling guilty about taking time for myself to do something creative and spending every minute with him.
A snowflake on my glove:




A few highlights of the past month:
1. My brother, his wife and 5 month old son came to visit for the first time; the cousins finally got to meet!
2. Our baby boy, now 8 months saw and felt snow for the first time!
3. My husband and I had 2 hours to ourselves while the grandparents watched the baby for us. We started to organize our garage. (So far we only have boxes for “toxic waste” “donations” “cabin decor” “trash” and “recycle”. It was a great once over and we got all of our floor space back.
4. The best news of all: Our son has slept 11-12.5 hours the last 4 nights!


A photo of grandma with the 2 grandsons:




Daddy and Baby in the snow:


Phew, I feel a little better already just with a little sharing. Also one last thing to get off of my chest! We are feeling the squeeze this month as our property tax, homeowner’s insurance, fire insurance (or is it earthquake?), car insurance & health insurance are all due at the same time!!! WHY?