One of our neighbors is very meticulous about her yard. She offered to rake our leaves, seeing as we weren’t doing it with my husband working and me with the baby full time. They were really piling up. I told her, “no, no my husband will get to it”, but she insisted. (I know it drives her crazy). I offered to bake her cookies as a thank you/payment.
When I was leaving the next morning, she was sweeping away; she stopped me and asked if there was a good place to get a pumpkin pie nearby, and told me how much she and her husband love a flavorful pumpkin pie; I said that I didn’t know of one, but I took the hint and now I am baking a pumpkin pie.

I thought this would finally be the time I try making my own crust…but I checked the cupboard and I only had bread flour and salted butter…getting discouraged I went to Trader Joe’s and bought the frozen pie crust. (I know I could’ve just bought the right ingredients for dough, but just thinking about it made me tired). So anyway, I wanted to find some tips on how to spruce up the pre-made dough and I found this blog post

I will only be using 1 single pie crust, so I cut it down a bit and used 3 graham crackers and a heaping tablespoon of sugar, with some added cinnamon.
I followed the pumpkin puree can recipe.
Midway into mixing the filling, I noticed that it called for a deep dish pie tin, which I don’t have, so I had used a 9” cake pan.
After it was thawed and I tried to unroll it, the very inner portion was cracking apart, so I managed to mush it back together on top of the graham cracker crumbs. But it started to fall apart when I was transferring it to the pan. I ended up folding it in fours and re assembling it inside the pan.
When I got it pieced together and sprinkled with more crumbs, I brushed it with butter.

I baked at 375 for 20 min (directions say 20 min at 450) but my oven sucks (i set it to 500). I checked and the crust was browning nicely so I figured it was time to turn it down.
Then continue for another 40-50 min at 350.